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Lori's nursing necklaces

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This is a rave for Lori's nursing necklaces <>. Ds has been a terribly distracted feeder lately, and I kept telling myself I would make him a nursing necklace because I didn't want to shell out the $30-40 that seemed the going price. But I recently found Lori's site through this board, and it was just what I was looking for--nursing necklaces that are colorful and fun and priced very reasonably with custom orders to boot!
I placed my order earlier this week, and it just arrived this morning in time for my first airplane trip with the babe. I thought this was an amazing turnover time, given that it wasn't an in-stock item (the necklace has my son's name on it). It's very pretty and eye-catching, and ds took to it right away. My only wish is that she offered wooden beads as an option also. But otherwise we're really happy with our nursing necklace and all set to try it out on our trip!
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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
I've heard great things about Lori's necklaces. I want to order one with our daughter's name on it because I envision her using it with her children. Just call me Sentimental!

I wonder if it would work for our baby girl. She is soooo easily distracted when I'm trying to nurse her. I wonder if she would spend her time tasting the necklace instead of drinking her milk!

She's not a twiddler...yet.

I'm tempted to order one and just see what happens...

Does your son spend more time eating now?

Would you please share y'all's experience with them? I would like to know how you and your babies end up using the necklaces.
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My son loves his! He carries it around with him (supervised of course). I wear it when I go grocery shopping with him and he plays with it in the sling instead of grabbing everything off the shelves. It is truly a miracle device!
I made a nursling necklace for my ds first birthday. He was SO EXCITED when he saw it. It is one of his favorite toys. He wears it. I wear it. He plays with it at diaper changes. You can't go wrong with a nursing necklace.

I didn't think my 7 year old ds would want a sibling necklace so I didn't bother making him one. I was so wrong! So him and I made one together.
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Hi, Steph.

Hey, that's a great idea to wear the necklace while baby is in the sling! I wouldn't have thought about using it while she's in her there. I keep thinking nursing necklace...use while nursing...I sometimes have trouble thinking outside the box.

Hi, Jayden.

My other children are 11 and 5 1/2. Everyone is real close with each other so I bet both of my older kidlets would want a necklace, too. I like the idea of sitting down and making the *sibling necklace* together. Thanks for sharing that idea.
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I just wanted to bump this thread up, I just got my nursing necklace from here this morning, and I am so happy with it! The necklace is so pretty and it took less than a week to get here from the time I ordered it, all the way from America to Ireland! I wish I'd had the camera in my hand when DD first saw the necklace- her face just lit up and she gave the biggest smile. And it works for the job it was intended for- DD hasn't pinched me while nursing all day long. What a lifesaver!
Hi Everyone and thank-you for the great compliments on my necklaces.
I bartered with Lili for something from Ireland, so I am psyched to see what she sends me. I do that with people over seas, its so fun to barter and get something neat in return. I have been making and selling them for 2 years now and it is how I stay home with my son, Konur. I have branched out to making lanyards, too, just by request. I make necklaces for the siblings, too, so they won't feel all left out. Again, it was not something I thought of, but a mom suggested it to me and others liked it to.

I really like making them, but the most fun is to hear about them and the way they effect other people's lives in such an intimate way. I have one I am waiting for pictures of where her dh uses the necklace when feeding their dd EBM so she will stop pulling his chest hair! I will post them on my site as soon as she sends them to me.

Well, I am off to make a couple more necklaces. Thanks again for the kind words, I do my best to make something that will help other moms and babies and its great to hear that I am succeeding!
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