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Losing First Tooth Already? (x-posted in Childhood Years)

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I gave my 4.5yo DD some chewy candy yesterday evening
:...some fruity "leather"-type thing. While she was eating she said that her tooth hurt. We were in the car and she didn't say anything else and I forgot about it. This morning she got up and showed me a looth tooth (front, bottom). Ugh. Did I just cause her tooth to fall out prematurely? Or could it have already been "on the verge"? I thought that they don't start losing teeth until 6yo. A quick Google search turned up the fact that some kids can start losing teeth much earlier. If it happened on its own, I would not be worried, but with the candy and all...I will take her to the dentist today or tomorrow, if I can get an appointment...
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Hi, we're in the same boat, except that my 4yos bottom 2 teeth are coming in before the baby teeth are out (shark teeth). We bought him to the dentist, and he told us although not as common at this age, he still get 3-4 kids in a week with us concerned parents.

My son's one tooth is now so loose he just keeps wiggling it with his tongue. The other is steadfastly holding on, and refuses to budge. If it does not move soon, he will have to have it out. The dentist wants to give him mouth time to come out when it's ready. He did tell us it is genetic, and that if once parent started early with either teething, or loosing their baby teeth, than the child would too. Our son got his bottom teeth in at 11 weeks! Oh, and look to see if her back molars are coming in, or in yet. My son's 6yo molars are already standing at attention, we just never knew he was teething again!
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