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lost heart tones

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I have a doppler at home and have been able to find the heart beat since I was 12 weeks easily. I am now 14 weeks 5 days and can no longer find the heart tones myself so the last time I know for sure they were there was 10 days ago at my dr appt. We have seen the heart beat twice on ultrasound and heard them several times up until now. I have had 2 prior miscarriages so I am very worried. Has anyone had a similar experience? or am I just lucky??? I am planning on being at my dr's first thing monday morning but until then I just might go crazy!!!!
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Ohhh, hugs, mama! Of course it is/will be tortorous waiting, but prayers your way. Any intuition about the baby yourself? Can you tune into your body and your womb and see what it all has to say? I find that oftentimes the medical technology comes second to my own knowing.

So, while you might have a true case of no heartbeat, you may also have a doppler that is failing... a baby that is hiding, or of course operator malfunction. Check in with yourself and your baby, center yourself as much as possible and remember to breathe....

Blessings to you,
I would say that the baby is getting bigger and is probably moving around more. Isn't it something like a 90%+ chance of survival when you've heard the heart beating?

I have a feeling everything is okay. Especially since you heard it at a recent appt. Try not to worry yourself. Maybe the doppler isn't the best idea...a little too stress inducing?

Take care of yourself
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Originally Posted by mum2be
Isn't it something like a 90%+ chance of survival when you've heard the heart beating?
I have read 98% once you're past 12 wks and have confirmed a heartbeat. And I have also read that it can be harder to find heart tones as the baby gets bigger because it's a larger haystack in which to find the "needle"!

Is the home doppler worth it if it just makes you nervous? Especially since there's not much (anything?) we can do in response to it (unless you're measuring the actual rate, maybe). If you can find a way to feel ok without it, maybe that's worth considering.

In any case, I wish you so much luck and lots of good vibes for the doctor's appt. Keep us posted.
Barge from due in August,

I can so relate to you fears and concerns having been one of the unlucky miniscule percentage of people who lost a baby after having heard a hb.

BUT, I think the baby has moved on you. I swear sometimes when I'm nervous it's harder to find. Just because *you* can't find it doesn't mean it's not there. My loss was an anomaly and it really doesn't happen very often.

Please know I'm thinking about you and will look forward to reading your follow up.

I am also one of those rare ones that has lost babies after hearing their heart. That said with this pregnancy I have had a few times where it has been hard to find the baby on doppler (and I first heard it at 10 weeks). The babies move around ALOT now and many times I found it hard to get a heartbeat. Sometimes I would hear it for a milisecond before the baby moved.

Good luck today and let us know how it goes

take care

don`t forget too that the placenta can keep moving, looking for better sources of blood. The placenta got in the way at my 13 w check up & there was no way we could hear a hb, everything is fine now, but it could be the placenta.
I'm a lurker, but wanted to offer some reassurance. I'm 15w6d and, on Saturday, could not find my baby's HB on my Doppler. I tried for almost an hour, had DH try, and was totally panicked. (I've had loss 2 yrs ago after seeing the HB.) I finally got up, walked around, then got down on my knees and elbows and did some pelvic tilt exercises, then tried again. The HB immediately came in loud and clear.

This morning at my regular prenatal appointment, the doc couldn't find the HB on her Doppler, so did a quick ultrasound just to make sure she could see it. Again, all was well.

I hope you get some reassurance soon.

Originally Posted by jacsma
I am planning on being at my dr's first thing monday morning but until then I just might go crazy!!!!
Hi. I just wanted to check in and see if you went to the doctor. I'm praying everything is ok!
Even my midwives couldn't find the heartbeat on this little one until today (16wks)! We had seen it going along just fine on the u/s however and since everything else seemed fine, we didn't worry. I have a fun tilt to my uterus that can make it easy for baby to hide, but as others point out baby moves around plenty, and so can your placenta ... and when even people who listen for heartbeats many times a day on many different bellies can't find a heartbeat, don't stress if you sometimes can't!

Hmm, I see that you were planning to go to the Doc's on Monday -- yesterday -- any reassurance there?
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