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lost my virginity, used a condom, but my nipples/breast hurt

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hi everyone im new here but i just lost my virginity a few days ago and i made sure he used a condom because i wasn’t taking any chances. we ended up using a few of them but, now it’s been about 5 days and my nipples and breast are tender/hurt. now i am due for my period and i did get cramping after we had intercourse but i haven’t been feeling sick or have any dark areas so im not sure what’s going on 😣
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Did you get your period?
Was he circumcised?
This can be an answer of your body to the first sexual act, but if your period is as always, everything should be fine. In the worst case scenario, I think that the best solution is to not hide the truth, because it will be obvious anyway in way. Better tell them everything how it happened and try to think of a solution together. My advice for the future, is to use qualitative condoms which you can order from, so the similar situations don't happen again.
what do you mean you "ended up using a few of them"? Unless the condoms broke or slipped off, you should be fine.
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