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lotion recipe?

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Does anyone have a good lotion or creme recipe? The kind that you use beeswax instead of emulsifying wax measure out all the oils and butters and make it in the blender? Something nice and rich preferably, to help prevent stretchmarks. Thanks Mamas! love, Shell
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Here's a really rich recipe for a Goatsmilk Creme, you could sub water or rice or almond milk if you don't want to use goatsmilk. But it makes a super thick creme that has its own gentle milk & honey scent.
A lotion made with beeswax is naturally more greasy and heavy than a lotion made with ewax, IME, so if that's what you are wanting this is great. I've heard it said that a beewax emulsion requires borax to be stable, but this recipe has no borax and I have never had it separate on me. I like it during the summer when we go swimming and the pool dries out our skin from the chlorine. It feels sooo good on a hot day to get this out of the fridge and rub the cold creme on!

This is my own variation on Sue Kurowski's "Goatmilk/Emu Hand/Elbow/Heel cream", she was very helpful as I was learning to make this - it was my first lotion recipe ever! If you are interested in her original recipe you can find it online by searching for the recipe name as I wrote it above.

2 tbs. beeswax, heaping

1 cup goatsmilk

eight tbs. oil of your choice - I've used grapeseed, rice bran, unrefined shea, castor. Olive would be fine too. For pregnant bellies I'd probably use some cocoa butter and lots of vit. E. Adding solid butters makes a thicker lotion. For a lighter feel you might try coconut oil.

Up to 36 drops essential oil, make sure they are pregnancy safe though!! I think this creme has a wonderful natural scent all its own, so I don't think it really needs any eos for fragrance.

Clean and sanitize your work area thoroughly. Wipe down your containers, and anything else that will be touching the ingredients, with alcohol. Put your hair back and wash your hands well, use a clean new pair of latex gloves if you have some.

Put the goatsmilk in a double boiler, cover and bring to 170F. Hold for 20 min.

During the last five minutes, melt the oils and beeswax together.

Begin slowly blending melted oil mixture by itself. Drizzle in the hot milk slowly, beating constantly. If using eos, add when mixture begins to thicken. As it cools, give it a whirr with the beaters or stickblender every few minutes. It may take quite awhile to cool and thicken so don't worry that it doesn't happen right away.

If you find the creme weeping liquid, it just means that you have added more milk than the beeswax could handle. Pour off excess milk and it will be fine.

This recipe must be refrigerated since it contains no preservatives, and should be used promptly. Even in the refrigerator, bacteria, mold and fungus can grow. Sue's original recipe text says that it can be frozen, which I would do if you think you have made more than you can use in a couple of weeks.

It seems sorta complicated but it's really not hard, and it's a very nice thick cream I've enjoyed using. Hope you like it!
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Thank you so much, I am going to try it out. I found another last night that I tried and it turned out amazing! It is one of Jeanne Roses recipes.

Basic Creme:
1 1/2 oz cocao butter
3-4 oz skin oil ( sweet almond or grapeseed are nice)
1 oz water ( or if you have hydrosol)
some vitamin E
essential oils

Melt the cocoa butter in the top of a double boiler and add the skin oils a bit at a time stirring continuously. Turn off the heat and slowly add the water, again stiring continuously, until the cream has cooled. ( After stirring for awhile I set the container in some icey water to speed things up). Add vitamin E and essential oils and spoon into a jar. This is a very rich creme and feels great on the skin pregnant or not. This creme also should be refridgerated as there are no chemical preservatives, or better yet use it up fast, have super silky skin and make some more. Cheers Mamas
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