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My goodness, 2 lbs of dried beans is considered "running low" around here!!!

I usually cook them in my crock pot and freeze the cooked beans to use as needed- except lentils and split peas, which I cook as I need.

White beans are great for a "mock cream sauce" when blended with spices and liquid- for a vegan "cream" sauce, blend nuts and water, then add white beans and spices.

Beans of any kind are great in soups or stews with lots of veggies. Add rice, barley, or pasta for a complete meal.

Sautee cooked beans (any red or pink) with onions, garlic, olive oil, and spices, and serve with tacos or over rice.

Mash up cooked beans with eggs, breadcrumbs or flour, and spices, and bake or fry for bean burgers. Cooked or canned veggies are yummy in burgers too. I usually make burgers with leftover beans after making other dishes.
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