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black beans, black beans, I LOVE black beans. I think they go great with anything Mexican. I've also got a couple goes.

Black bean and ground turkey chili (and ground turkey is CHEAP, less than hamburger here.) I use my big pot that I also use for boiling spaghetti for this....

Brown turkey w/ couple tbsps. chili powder, tsp. each of cumin and sage.
Saute some onion and garlic.
Add can of tomato sauce, can of undrained tomatoes, and a lot of black beans. (I buy canned and use 2 cans, so that gives you some idea.)
Let it all cook together about 20 minutes, more doesn't hurt. You can also make rice and put it over that.......could even make it w/out the turkey, I'd leave out the sage then and just put chili powder and cumin in with the tomatoes, with rice it would be a complete protein.

The other thing I do with black beans is a recipe my friend started. Heat some olive oil in a pan. Add as many chicken breasts as you think you need for your family. Coat them in Italian dressing--I mean COAT, I use about half a bottle for 2 big chicken breasts, do one side, flip, do the other. Let them cook. When they're about done, dump on a can of tomatoes, drained.
Here's the thing I figured out last time I made this--I always make black beans and brown rice on the side, and I always end up mixing it all. I just dumped the black beans (drained, but since you're using dried that doesn't really matter) in the pan with the chicken and tomatoes and saved myself a pot. I also started cutting up the chicken because I'm *horrible* at guessing when they're done. So basically, I ended up with sort of a stir fry kind of thing with chicken, tomatoes, and black beans over rice.
The Italian dressing and the tomatoes make a yummy sauce. It's all good together....

Good luck! I need this post too, I've STILL got WIC beans and I quit getting them a couple months ago. I'm not even sure *how* you make dried beans.
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