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I have the following for sale (or trade from my ISO)<br><br>
All have original cases in good to Great condition $5 each or $25 for all<br><br>
Barney's Talent Show 43 min<br><br>
Rock with Barney 30 min<br><br>
Barney in Concert 48 min<br><br>
Barney's Magical Musical Adventure 40 min<br><br>
Barney's Musical Scrapbook 52 min<br><br>
Barney's Stupendous Puzzle Fun 54 min<br><br>
Erin <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"><br><br><b>MY ISO:</b><br><br>
FOR ME<br><br>
Unisex L/XL Hanna Long Johns I picked up a pair of these at a thrift store (my luck) and I LOVE them!<br><br>
J Jill or similar style/quality 16 Petite or Misses L pants, tops & skirts<br><br>
L or XL Petite(short) or capri Yoga Pants (black or dark colors pls)<br><br>
Size 7.5 Quality Ballet Flats (not for ballet, for outside wear)<br><br>
For the Kids<br><br>
Faux Playsilks<br><br>
Patchy stuff for 18/24 month boy & size 8/10 Girls<br><br>
Hanna Andersson stuff for 12-18 month+ boys (80-90cm)<br><br>
Gymboree Pajamas for 18/24 mo Boy (new sizing)<br><br>
Hanna stuff for 8 yr old girl (130+ cm)<br><br>
Girls sz 8 clothes...jeans, l/s tops, etc...trendy---nothing hoochie, please, I am picky about the lengths of tops, skirts, shorts, etc<br><br>
Girls 13/1 Clogs<br><br>
The above sizes Long Johns (Hanna)<br><br>
Baby Einstein toys (like the puppets, etc from the videos)<br><br>
Wooden Animals, food, etc...<br><br>
Martha Stewart Organizing mag or books...<br><br>
The Vegetarian Soul Food Cookbook : A Wonderful Medley of Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw Recipes Inspired by the Southern Tradition OR ANY OTHER books by Imar Hutchins<br><br>
Other Raw Foods "cook" books<br><br>
Thin Pink Line<br><br>
Homeschool Stuff<br><br>
Blank Ringed Cards<br><br>
Home Economics for Homeschoolers (any levels)<br><br>
Early Math Flip Chart<br><br>
Math Chef<br><br>
Cuisenare Rods (wooden)<br><br>
Pizza Fraction game or other fun fraction games<br><br>
Moneywise Kids<br><br>
Mental Math books<br><br>
Color & Learn books (any)<br><br>
Atlas of Human Anatomy<br><br>
Tea Tree EO<br><br>
Lavender EO<br><br>
Shea Butter<br><br>
Cocoa Butter<br><br>
Hemp Seed Oil<br><br>
Primitive Home Decor (I have blues, so that would be great, no Americana...I like angels, hearts, stars, etc.)<br><br>
Electric Citrus Juicer<br><br>
Gift Certificates to: Old Navy, Gap, Wal Mart, Target, Gymboree, Barnes & Noble, Baby Style, Motherwear, Zany Brainy,<br><br>
Kids DVD's Barney, Wiggles, Sesame Street<br><br>
PUR Filters<br><br>
Playtex Sippy Cups NEW please<br><br>
Cake Stand
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