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Lots of cramping after intercourse

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Not to give out too much info, but does anyone else experience lots of cramping after intercourse. Like it hurts to walk and I'm in bed most of the day cramping? I'll ask my midwife, but my appt isn't until next month, and I wondered what everyone else is experiencing- I'm only 21 weeks. Well we don't have intercourse very often anyway- sorry- probably TMI again. :LOL
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Your uterus is cramping that much, that painfully? Or is it not your uterus cramping, but somewhere else a little lower? You might have an "active uterus" (which I do like the sound of so much better than an "irritable uterus").

I took calcium-magnesium supplements for this issue (not happening exactly as you described it, more of an all-day affair, no matter what), and it did take care of that problem, after lots of high-tech reassurances that ultimately did reassure me that I was not going into labor. Mine was also accompanied by cervical changes, and yet, it was just an active uterus. My naturopath helped me.

I personally would call my midwife, much sooner than your appointment. That seems rather uncomfortable, as the least of symptoms, and it could be something more serious (possibly).
My uterus contracts when I have an orgasm (and when I nurse and when I exercise--I'm 26 weeks)--my belly gets tight like a basketball. This lasts several minutes--haven't timed it though. I would call the midwife if I was experiencing what you described.
i notice the same thing after intercourse...and usually the cramp is centered right where the baby's head is and he's always sticking his head out in front! I wonder if my uterus is contracting also? Its not very painful, I just have to lay down and relax and not try to do anything but breath deeply, and it goes away after about 5 minutes.
Everytime I have sex, I also cramp up pretty badly. I contract several minutes & I have to lay on my side & breath through them. I consider it good practice for dealing with labor pains.
BUT, what you mention, it hurting all day, that would worry me & I think you should definitely speak with your midwife about it. When I 1st mentioned my very frequent contractions (after sex & otherwise), my mw did a check on my cervix to see if it was thinning at all due to all the contractions, but we were both relieved to learn that it hadn't thinned at all. Maybe you could get the same thing checked.

Good luck to you!
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Call your midwife, you don't have to wait a month to ask.
It's cramping all around the vagina and contractions of the uterus. I get BH's all the time, so it wasn't completely unusual for me. I would have called, but it was the weekend and I go to a CNM practice. I would have called the hospital had it gotten worse. Anyway, I'll call and let them know and see what they say.

Thanks for the info, gals.
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