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Lambkin FittedsHemp with Hawaiian print outers. Size medium 10-25lbs. Front snapping. Good for skinny legs. Picture is of back of diapers.EC$10ppd each or 2 for $19ppd or 3 for $27ppd.

SugarPlumBaby Fitted Hemp fleece with Blue Batik Flower print.Size medium.10-20lbs. Irregular do to serging flaw which I couldn't find.Worn only once. $8ppd.

Righteous Baby Fitted This is a contour like diaper made by Ann of RB. You can pin it or just lay it in a wrap.The soaker (not sure what it is made of) is attached inside the diaper and it comes with a doubler. Very cool tree fabric.10-18lbs.$6ppd.PENDING

Righteous Baby FLAG Size 1 Fall Leaves print. Microfleece lined soaker.NEW $13ppd.Pending

Freshies Fitted Hemp diaper with striped knit cotton outer.Size medium (NB-17lbs.)Used only twice. $12ppd.

Liz's Cloth Size 1 Hemp fleece fitted w/ cotten airplane print outer. Fits to about 16lbs. EC $9ppd.

Paypal only.Thanks.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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