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Lots of grapevines - homemade wine?

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I just moved to a house that has grapevines ALL over the property. I've been thinking about making my own wine after they come in later this year. Has anyone ever made their own wine? How did it turn out? I googled it and came up w/ lots of websites and it looked a little intimidating. Any links or book recommendations?

I think it would be so fun to stomp them w/ bear feet - my son would love that.
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Hi, my neighbor growing up always made wine from his grapes
He's passed away now, but the old wine press is still in their garage, very cool item

Are the grapes growing wild? Are they trellised? If you plan on getting grapes of good size, you'll have to give them a bit of care. Pruning I would say, would be number one, but not sure. We have wild grapes and the grapes that my neighbor grew are still out there on his grape trellis. No one takes care of them anymore, very sad
The wild grapes never get bigger than peas, so not very useful other than the vines themselves for crafts
I wouldn't think you have to baby them like a wine vinyard, but a little extra care will bring you some good results, I bet

Ok, that's a rambly mess, just thinking aloud.
Good Luck!!

Oh, and the neighbors wine was always very good! Quite strong, actually, LOL!!
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Yes, they're trellised and look like they've been pretty well cared for. They probably could use some pruning though. I've done a little by hand, breaking off the dead stuff. I probably should read up on pruning grapevines.

What a cool memory to have of your neighbor! I've actually read that homemade turns out stronger too. That's interesting about the wild grapes...can't wait to see how big mine get.

I really love wine, I hope I can figure this out.
How neat to have all those grapes at your disposal! I wanted to recommend a book for you: "Country Wines: Making & Using Wines from Herbs, Fruits, Flowers & More" by Pattie Vargas and Rich Gulling. I have this book and will be making my first wine, a cherry melomel (honey wine) in the next couple days. A couple recipes to whet your appetite: honeysuckle wine, sweet wild-strawberry dessert wine, dry raspberry wine, tarragon metheglin (metheglin is a honey-based wine where the flavoring comes from herbs or spices). A great book, very inspiring!

Something to remember...2 pounds of grapes per gallon of wine you want to make
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homemade wine is awesome .. and not quite as difficult as a lot of sites say it is.

another thought, too .. we love making homemade grape juice.

(gallon mason jar filled 1/3 w/grapes, sugar to taste, boiling water to top, seal or refrig. for a week or two .. soooo good!)
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Another idea:

My grandparents grew grapes and when they made dill pickles they would put some green grapes in with the cucumbers and dill. They would pickle some green grapes and they were delicious.
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