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My son turned one on 2/20....since then he has had three bouts of digestive illness- first one lasted over a week and was really really bad. The second one was just a few days and the third just started today. He's not acting ill but having lots of nasty diapers.

He's always been a late bloomer- sat up around 8 months, crawled at 10, finally pulled himself up to stand at 12 months, cruising on furniture at 13.5 months.

We had his 12 month checkup on Friday (yes, almost 2 months late) and I had to answer "no" to nearly all of the pediatrician's questions regarding his development.

We also checked his iron and since he was feeling a bit ill (clingy, sad, droopy) his wbc. The iron was low and he had an increased mcv and decreased rdw.

She also advised an evaluation with Early Intervention.....sigh.....I just don't know what to think.

I never worried about him until he was 12 months and still not pulling himself up.

I am also wondering if the bowel issues, low iron and developmental delays are all related....however the bowel issues didn't happen until his birthday and at that time he was already a behind.

Any experience with this? Advice?

As of now, I plan to give him a small bit of Floradix every day, and increase the iron intake for both of us. Also, I'm going to see if I can find some sources to provide activities to boost his motor skills.
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