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UPDATE--this has been cancelled, in light of the positive response by the management of the local Applebees franchise. Several moms are still planning on going to Lexington to join in the nurse-out at the original location of the incident.<br><br>
Just wanted to post on this, there are several people planning a nurse-in in front of an as-yet-undetermined Applebees location for this coming Saturday, September 8 in response to the incident where a woman was asked to cover up or leave an Applebees restaurant in Lexington.

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the Highlands location on Taylorsville Rd. 12:00!

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Be sure to download the bf icon image and try to get an iron on transfer and a cheap t-shirt to have a shirt ready by Sat. Hope that made sense!<br><br>
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I'll be with ya'll in spirit, as DD#1 has a volleyball game. I'll be nursing DD#2 at the volleyball game at some point, I'm sure.<br><br>
This gives me ANOTHER reason not to eat at Applebee's .... besides the fact that it is a very mediocre chain ...

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Some of us are rethinking the nurse-in Sat. at our Louisville store b/c of this commendable response I received.<br><br><i>Ms. Amy Harned:<br><br>
Thank you for contacting Applebee's International, Inc. and providing the<br>
links to summaries of the various state laws surrounding nursing mothers.<br><br>
Whit-Mart, Inc., the Applebee's franchisee for the greater Louisville and<br>
coastal South Carolina areas, acknowledges and supports the benefits of<br>
breast feeding for developing children. I have attached a copy of our<br>
(Whit-Mart's) current company policy where we adopted the Kentucky language<br>
of "non interference" for use in all of our Applebee's restaurants<br>
regardless of the local state law permitting breastfeeding. This policy<br>
has been distributed to all of our Area Directors and in turn, they will<br>
ensure each of their assigned restaurants observe the policy to the best of<br>
our ability.<br><br>
While I was disappointed to hear of an incident occurring so close to our<br>
market in nearby Lexington, where the franchisee ownership group is Thomas<br>
& King, Inc., rest assured we will not be acquiring or requiring cover-up<br>
sheets or blankets in our Applebee's restaurants in your neighborhoods<br>
surrounding Louisville. We recognize that if a nursing mother wishes to<br>
use a discrete cover, she will most likely be carrying her own along with<br>
all the other necessary child care items.<br><br>
We at Whit-Mart, Inc. take a great deal of pride in our community<br>
involvement where we have supported the St. Joseph's Children's Home's<br>
annual "Orphan's Picnic" providing thousands of volunteer man-hours for<br>
more than a decade. We also sponsor flapjack fund raisers for many<br>
organizations in virtually all of our locations at least twice a month.<br>
The majority, but not all, of these flapjack fundraisers benefit children<br>
and young families through support for youth sports teams, cheerleading<br>
squads, churches, the Red Cross, schools needing supplies and other<br>
worthwhile causes.<br><br>
Applebee's as a brand supports an even broader array of beneficial programs<br>
supporting children including a recent "tie-in" with Alex's Lemonade Stand<br>
where money was raised to support childhood cancer research. To have<br>
anyone think of Applebee's as "anti-child" or "anti-family" is<br>
unconscionable for us to consider.<br><br>
Ms. Harned we value your business and look forward to seeing you at an<br>
Applebee's in the near future. If I may be of additional assistance on this<br>
or any other Applebee's related matter, please feel free to contact me<br>
directly using the information provided below.<br><br>
Mark Buck<br>
President & C.O.O.<br>
Whit-Mart, Inc.<br>
56 Wentworth St.<br>
Charleston, SC 29401<br>
(843) 834-3631, ext. 230</i><br><br>
This was updated 9/1/07 from Whit-Mart, Inc.:<br><br>
POLICY#B – 5<br><br>
SCOPE:This policy applies to all restaurants operated by Whit-Mart, Inc.<br><br>
POLICY:It is the policy of Whit-Mart, Inc. to allow mothers to breastfeed their children or express their breastmilk inside the restaurant. Managers are responsible for educating their employees regarding the law and the procedures outlined in this policy.<br><br>
A mother may breastfeed her baby or express breastmilk in any location of the restaurant where the mother is authorized to be. Breastfeeding a child or expressing breastmilk as part of breastfeeding is not considered to be indecent exposure. The mother is not required to cover herself while breastfeeding or expressing breastmilk. It is inappropriate and inmost cases illegal to ask a mother breastfeeding her child to stop nursing, to "cover-up", to relocate to a private room, to move to a bathroom, or to leave the premises.<br><br>
In the event a guest complains to a Manager and/or employee about a mother breastfeeding or expressing breastmilk, the Manager will remind the customer that breastfeeding is allowed by state law in any public facility. Furthermore, according to state law, breastfeeding is not considered to be indecent exposure. If the guest is offended, The Manager should offer to relocate the guest to a different part of the restaurant provided a table is available.<br><br>
Helpful Phrases<br>
Whit-Mart managers might find the following phrases helpful when talking with customers that are uncomfortable seeing a mother nurse her child:<br><br>
"Yes, I realize your children are with you and can see that mother breastfeeding. While she may not be as discreet as you might like, she is doing something very normal. The law allows for her to breastfeed her child here. Would your family like to be moved to a different location?"<br><br>
"According to law, a child has a right to nurse anywhere the mother is without needing to cover-up. I understand breastfeeding has not been so open in the past but many more mothers are choosing to nurse in public. Would you feel more comfortable being moved to another part of the restaurant while the baby is eating?"

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I love that response!
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