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Love/hate relationship with my New Native

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I have a NN that we used with dd and was perfect for when we had to constantly walk her through some very long, colicky evenings in the beginning...

So I was happy we saved it when I learned I was pregnant with ds. BUT, since I've started using it with him, I've discovered that I'm having a love/ hate relationship with it. We started ds in the Kangaroo wrap from Mama Kangaroo, but one day dh handed me the NN when I asked for a carrier to wear ds around the house. So I gave it a try and decided that maybe it wasn't time to sell it yet. The next time I used it, I just could get the dang thing to settle comfortably with ds in it. After that, I had another pleasant experience.

Here's some of my issues: (BTW, ds is 2 mon., about 14lbs. and 22 inches long)
~ Ds doesn't like to lie in the pouch because he doesn't like the restriction. So I tend to put him in more of a cradle hold so his head can be out and supported by my arm. This position also makes it much easier to slide his bottom down when it's time to bf. But sometimes, I just can't get the right support for his bottom when he wants to eat, and I discover that the latch goes wrong. Other times, everything is perfect and I love it.

~ I have small shoulders and the top portion of the sling tends to wrap over my shoulder and down my upper arm which I've discovered causes pain in my arm/ shoulder joint after wearing him for awhile. So I flip the portion that lies off my shoulder up and over, so it lies flat (and the fold points to my neck -- does that make sense?). Still if it's not just right, this causes some pain too. Also, I'm not certain if this causes the pouch to shrink and not be large enough to fully contain ds.

Like I said, there's days when it all works and I love it. But then there's days where I'm ready to just sell it. I can't seem to figure out why that is. I've been using it more because it's faster and easier than the wrap, which is nice when I need to put it on quickly. But if it's going to be more trouble, then I may go back to the wrap (until I finish my mei tai.
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Nissa, I was thinking about this . . .I think part of it is that BCs require you to have an intuitive sense, and when your DC is growing at a fast rate, it can be hard to adjust!

For example, I have an ER and used it w/o a problem. I got a 2nd one, and I had to relearn how to use it because it was a bit longer and the material (since it was new) had a slightly different feel. I never would have realized how subtle differences matter so much!

As for me . . .I leave the wrap on all day. I can't nurse in it but I just take DD out to do it, then put her back in.
I love my native sling pouch with my toddler and my infant...but I might run into problems in the future..who knows..I'm glad I read this though cuz now I can keep an eye out. My dd who is 2 loves the hip hold and my dd who is 6wk loves the cradle doesn't tug at my shoulder or my kneck. But I have also altered mine to fit me exactly.

Originally Posted by pisces79
One really helpful thing for me was watching the instructional video on the NN site - in that, they say to have the seam lined up with your belly button, whereas before I had been putting it wayyy over to the side, above my hip (per the instructions included w/the sling when I got it, I think...) I know that where the seam is really is relative to how big the baby is and what the carrying position is, but putting the seam right in front made all the difference for me.
Oh wow, I'm going to have to watch the video then. I've also been putting the seam to the side, and I bet that's the problem! I knew someone here might know...


Originally Posted by SouthernMommaOf2 doesn't tug at my shoulder or my kneck. But I have also altered mine to fit me exactly.
I'm curious, how did you alter your's?
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Put the seam where you want the butt to go!
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