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LOVE my mini-shower

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I just wanted to say how much I LOVE my mini-shower!

I have to say, it might just be the best thing I have purchased for my CD's, (my wool soaker doesn't count!

just wanted to share the love!
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I say that every day while spraying off poop (um, on the diaper, that is...)

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Oh yeah! The mini shower is the best!!
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I bought it then returned it-
DH realized that 2 of our bathrooms have the type of shower head that comes off to spray and the cord reaches right over our toilet!!! I have a BIG Mini shower like this LOL
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I've been wanting one. I have 2 boys in cloth and have another one the way, so soon might be a good time to get one.

Where did you get yours?
I *LOVE* mine, too!!! Makes you wonder what you ever did without one, huh?
I got mine from NaturalBabies
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DH seems to really want one. so, i guess that means we'll get one soon?
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