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I was just thinking about how much I love our Ped. We've only been 3 times but he is always so reassuring and very much the "if it works for you and baby is healthy and growing then don't change" attitude. His nurse today informed that it was crazy (her term) that DD wasn't sleeping through the night and that when she waked she shouldn't come to bed with me as two babies(in our town) have died because they have fallen between the bed and the wall and one was smothered by a parent. I told her I was very aware of DD being in bed with me and was a very light sleeper when she was in bed with me. She then said that she didn't need to be fed at 3:00 am and was doing this for comfort. Duh! I think I would know as its my breast she is chomping on for the next 2 hours. She said I needed to get her trained to sleep through the night or else I would regret it...Well, Ped comes in I relay all this to him. He rolls his eyes and says if you are okay with the current situation then don't change. If you aren't then now is the time to try and change it but, I won't reccomend CIO. His advice was pick her up nurse her if needed then lay her back down and repeat as needed but no CIO. Then said you do what you need/want to do she healthy and growing so I have no worries. I Love him...If only he were single...hahaha
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