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Today was the first trip out by myself (ie with out DH or my dad with me) with all 4 kids, DS1(5) walking DD1(will be 3 on 25th) walking on reigns DS2(23 months) in pushchair and DD2(will be 3 weeks on Monday) in a wrap i made from lovely soft pink jersey cotton, oh how i love it(need to tweek it a bit it needs work a bit too wide and a bit too long)

anyway off we go to have a wander round local town, gets on bus and the driver lookes at me and even tho the bus has the 2 buggys on he lets me on, and even gives me time to get sorted and stood safely

gets to town and all the people in the queue to get on the bus all look at me and some look like they think im crazy others look at em like they are thinking "aww cute baby"

do some shopping and i get told i have my hands full, yep i have its a good job im good at juggling

go to McDOnalds for lunch, the server tells me to sit down and she will bring my tray, a manager asks me if i can manage to my seat, a cleaner helps me open a bottle of juice and has a chat with the kids and coos over the baby(still in her wrap)
i take baby out to feed(i just can not feed in a wrap/sling yet)
as im putting her back in as we are getting ready to leave a older man gives me such a funny look, i ignore him and off we go back for bus to go to local outlet center, again bus has 2 buggies on (thats the limit they allow) but as im only going a short way he lets me on and waits till i get parked
get to outlet and off we go and do some shopping(looking for a 2yr wedding anniversary gift for DH) as we are walking around i can see people looking at me and going all gooy eyed at baby and smiling at me or looking at me like im some strange space alien with a 2nd head growing my chest!!
manage to find gifts for DH, goes back for the bus and a couple of older ladies sit in bus stop and one say to me "oh thats a lovely way to cuddle your baby, she looks so cozy in there, i have never seen one of those before" oh i just smiles and smiled it was so nice.

gets on anotehr bus home and driver says to me"oh you have your hands full there" i said "yeah, good job im good at juggling and have met some nice patient bus drivers today" he waited till i was settled before setting off!!

all in all a very good first day out babywearing, last time i went out just me adn baby she was in pram for half of it, and as i dont feel safe wearing her unsupported i wont wear her with out a pram/buggy to hold just incase i slip/fall im paranoid about that.

sorry its a essay but i had a really good day today, my kids were so well behaved, DS1 was very helpfull and a good boy.

thanks for reading

here is a smiley face for getting this far

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