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loveybum pul/fleece!

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so i got some loveybum pul/fleece covers off the TP and i love them!

only problem is that she doesn't make them anymore.

anyone have some in size medium they want to part with??

or does anyone know of a WAHM that makes similar ones? 1 layer PUL/fleece inner with velcro or snaps?

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I have a large LB fleece, but I don't think there's PUL in them. (Boy, that sounds enticing, doesn't it? You want a medium and I have a large. You want PUL and mine doesn't have it.)

Eh. I'll throw it out there anyway: It's a very trim front-snapping blue cover that I'll sell for $10ppd if you're interested. Let me know. (I was searching high and low for LB fleece, too, and determined I like others better. Plus I must have a super soaker because if this thing is on her any length of time, it wicks.)
I asked about these a while back and a few came out of the woodwork during the conversation - scout around, they are out there!

They are the nicest PUL covers I know. Did you ever try Baby Softwraps? They have a fleece lining too. though they are made differently. They also have a padding of fleece on the inner thigh which I really liked.

thanks for the offer, but i really want the pul/fleece combo.


i love the 2 i have so much, they are the nb/s size, i think, one snap and one velcro and they work really well and fit great as well. i wish she still made them.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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