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Low blood pressure - any risks?

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My blood pressure is really really low (last reading 80/40) and apart from being a bit tired I'm fine. EDD in 4 weeks.

I am wondering if it matters? I am probably going to have the baby at home and my Mum said "with that blood pressure" but then she'd be worried even without the blood pressure.

Does anyone know the consequences of low blood pressure?


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I am also a low blood pressure kind of girl
Actually I am a "barely alive" kind of girl as my normal body temp right now at almost 36 weeks is 96.4ish. My MW loves that my BP is so low. I remember asking her during my last pregnancy if this was an issue and she told me no. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. I also had a homebirth last time and will again this time.

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Before my son was born mine was 90/60. It was never mentioned to me that it could cause any problems...but I also didn't homebirth
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