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Low hemoglobin in 24 month old daughter

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My 24 month old DD got her hemoglobin tested yesterday with the finger stick test. Her hemoglobin level was 10.4. Her doctor said the number was fine. I did some reading on the internet today and it looks like 10.4 is a sign of mild anemia? I just think that it was weird for her doctor to not mention anything.

So, what can I do to increase her iron levels? Is spinach good for this? She loves cooked spinach.

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I have so-called mild anemia, sometimes it's really low, but it is never something that is a prob for me. That being said, to give blood I would have to get my level up... cream of wheat has added iron in it and it always worked for me, same with hamburgers if you eat that. It can also be the case of her little body just having a little extra water in it. I'd always test right in the middle of "average" if I was dehydrated, but wouldn't be in the "acceptible" range if I had just drank a bunch of water.

I know that babies that are breast fed (don't know how much besides momma's mik your baby is getting) have lower rates than formula fed babies, cuz most formulas have iron fortified. In my openion, it's just somthing where the guidelines are an overgeneralization.

If she were my kid, and she didn't look fatigued (hemoglobin carries oxygen, not enough hemoglobin= not enough oxygen to the brain) then I wouldn't worry about it.

Good luck
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My daughter's iron was slightly low too, Paula. But I knew there was nothing wrong with her.

: Could it have been that I encouraged her to drink a lot of water right before her doctor's appointment?
: I didn't want the doctor to say anything about her weight.
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