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i feel bad asking, but i can't let pride get in the way of my children's needs.

So, i have a 2 yo teetering on potty training (interested...but has a ways to go)...but he is a very regular boy.... he poops about 4 times a day! So, i feel like i need as many covers as diapers!... i can't seem to keep the poop off of them. He is also really sensory particular. I can't just stick a pf in a cover and go - it really bothers him; i have to use fitteds on him - but i think i have about 4... so... that's not working.

i am also due July 31st and have NOTHING nb. to be honest, i am scared to use them w/a newborn cause they go so often! but - i know that it is doable. that, and we just can do sposes.

we are very low income - one income at less than 25,000 a year - we do everything we can to be frugal, to simplify and live simply... i have tried over and over to make my own fitteds.. but i don't think i have the talent.

anyway, thank you for reading.

i appreciate it!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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