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Low sperm count, any advice?

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My hb and I finally got pregnant after trying on and off for 12 months. We found out the day before Valentines Day this year that I was pregnant!! I did a whole lot of blood tests around the 10th month and everything came back normal, so my hb did a sperm test in the 11th month.

We actually got pregnant before getting my hb's results back saying that his sperm counts were a little on the low end even though they were still active. We were indeed very very thrilled when the pregnancy test actually showed 2 distinct pink lines!!

Unfortunately I had a missed miscarriage and d&c on March 17th and hoping to try again after 2 or 3 periods. As we're both over 30, we'd like to get as healthy and as prepared as we possibly can before trying again. My husband wears boxers and never wears tight pants. We're also both now taking multi-vitamin.

Does anyone have any advice on how to increase his and my fertility?
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i'd say make sure you wait a day inbetween mommy and daddy time to make sure he has a bit higher of a count
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These are the supplements I read are good for male fertility Vit C Zinc, Coenzyme Q10 and B12 If he truly has low you can give it a rest everyother day but sperm are use or lose so you want to make sure to empty the vault so it can have fresh healthy swimmers ready to go around O time.
thanks raversangel and massaginmommy. so sperm count can really be increased? is it genetic? or is it more affected by environmental or stress factors?

does anyone know how to increase the quality of sperms? i think i'm beginning to sound desperate but i really really hope there's something we can do to shorten the ttc period and to AVOID chromosome abnormality or anything bad for my next pregnancy.......

Is your husband going to see a urologist? My husband's test came back low as well and he has an appointment tomorrow with a urologist for a check up. I was also told that it isn't unusual for the first test to come back poor and they usually retest to get a more accurate reading.

Considering that you did get pregnant, I wonder if he just had a bad test day?

Hi Mary,

Good luck with your hb at the urologist, how long have you been TTC?

No my hb hasn't been to a urologust yet since our dr thinks as long as his sperms are active and could get me pregnant, we should be ok. He's now taking men's performance multivitamin as a general supplement and I hope it helps when we're ready again.

I'd love to hear from you when you're pregnant!!
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folic acid and zinc supplements (when taken together) increase sperm countsby an average of 75%
This info comes from Dr. Marks, a vasectomy reversal microsurgeon out in AZ:

[Mel] Is there anything that can be done to "boost" count, motility and morphology?

[Dr. Marks] Mel, yes, usually. First, avoid all
heat- no hot tubs, hot showers, jacuzzis or
hot saunas. Stay well hydrated. Eat beef.
Take anti-oxidants such as Vitamins C, E,
coenzyme Q 10, folic acid, B complex
a multivitamin and selenium
each day, get sunshine and sleep in total darkness.

Sperm Boosters--
multivitamin with zinc
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Folic Acid
Grape seed extract

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Thanks 2mama, Racecar... it's nice to know that there could be more hopes...

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