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LP record storage?

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Hi everyone!

I have a moderately sized record collection that is really important to me and I am not ready to let it go yet.

I do still own a turntable and I do still listen to the albums on occasion.

The problem at the moment is that I have a spirited two year old and a newborn (who will likely be spirited as well
: ) so I need to come up with a safe and yet accessible way to store my albums until the kids are older. I'm looking for something that can be portable so I can put them away for now but bring them out when I want to listen to one.

I did an online search but didn't come up with a whole lot. Maybe I'm not using the right search terms?

I do realize that I could just stick them in a Rubbermaid bin (which is what my DH tried to do!) but it is important to me to store them properly so that they won't get damaged.

Any serious record collectors dealt with this in the past and have any ideas?

Thanks so much.
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If you want portable and spendy, a DJ caseis the ticket. You can buy them at musician supply stores or guitar center type places.

I'd just find a cabinet and put a lock on it. Or put them in a box in my closet. I'll probably be doing this later this year.
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Yes, that's the one I was drooling over earlier today. It says it is unavailable to order from that website though.

There is a music store in our little downtown so maybe I will try there.

Unfortunately, a locked cabinet won't work because space is at a major premium here. I actually do have a cabinet that the stereo and half of the LPs live in right now but I am getting rid of it (which is partly what spurred the search for good storage). Closet space is also at a premium so unfortunately that idea is out. They will need to live in our storage room in our basement which is why I was looking for "proper" (safe) storage IYKWIM.

Thanks for the ideas!

Anyone else?
My dad is a record collector (imagine a 1000 sqft basement filled with record shelves) and he had boxes built to store his records. He contacted a local carpenter and had square cubes built that were stackable. He took measurements of his album covers, allowed some extra space, and had them built to size. If I remember correctly he had slots in the sides to use as handles as well.

He was concerned that anything other than solid wood wouldn't be strong enough to handle the weight of the albums.

As I remember, climate control was the biggest issue. They can't be too cool or too warm, but I'm sure you know all that stuff.
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My dh uses milk crates. they are the perfect size for albums but i don't know if that would give you the protection you are looking for.
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