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LTK Apron Top

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How hard is it? I am a VERY beginning knitter and am nervous to actually do a "project' that is more than just practice...I know I have to just go for it, but I was wondering if anyone has made this top and has any opinion about if it is a good starter project?
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I do not have it, but Theresa normally tells you on her site if it is for beginners or not, and she is right on with that info. But from the people I know who have it say it is pretty easy.

I'm just finishing up my 2nd LTK apron top.... As far as experience goes, I've done my fair share of knittin: lots of hats, scarves, and a few sweaters that came out a little wacky... I'm one step above beginnerhood, I think...

The LTK apron top IS easy.... basically one step beyond knitting a square. You'll need to know how to knit, purl, decrease (called ssk). The hard part for me was at the end when I had to crochet around the edges... but Theresa helped me out and it looked good in the end. There are no seams or fancy stitches.

Soooo, it IS indeed a good beginner's project. Ignore, however, the part where it says "Knit one up in an evening for your girl to wear tomorrow".... I made a size 6 month and it took a week, and the 18 month size I just made for my own is going on week #3, I think.... Maybe if I HAD a full evening to knit these days.....

the LTK site has a discussion board and there are a few finished apron tops on there.... it's also where you can get advice... It's a really good resource....

ok.. sorry this is so long!
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Im almost done with this!!! About 16 more rows!!! :LOL So my goal this week is to get it done by Saturday! So far its been very easy, I learned how to ssk, k2tog with this project, and am a little wary of the end, but havent got there yet, and trying not to worry. All can be overcome. But as for beginner, aside from just leraning those, Ive also mastered purling with this project, and once I complete it, it will be my first finished project. Im doing a size 4T, and this is my third week on it.

My LTK hat (first project), I really messed up on with my gauge, thought I did it right but the thing turned out way too small. Gonna unravel and try again.
I find that looking at knitting patterns as the whole really freaks me out... when I do the "one step at a time" approach, it is MUCH easier, and suddenly the patterns turn out easier than they look....

That said, I do my fair share of rippinit
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I was a beginning knitter when I made this project.
I wouldn't pick it for my very first project (I'd do a scarf or washcloth or something), but it should be easy once you get the basics.

The reason why I say this is because as a beginner, I had trouble keeping my tension even and you wouldn't want the top to come out all uneven.

My 2 cents, FWIW.
The LTK apron top was my first project and I thought it was very do-able
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