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LTK stripey slippers - slippy sole problems

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Okay, let me prefacet his by saying that I LOVE.. no LUUUURVE this pattern. It's fast to knit up and they fit so nicely. This is the first thing I"ve made for my 4 year old that I don't have to beg or force her to wear.

Couple of things..
crazy enough and even though I dislike knitting with it, acrylic works extra well for these. I made a few wool with cascade eco and outback yarn (if you use outback, size up because it's thin and will come out too small and if you size up your needles it doesn't seem like there's enough density to the stitches). But, the wool gets pilly REALLY fast and since they get dirty so fast (okay, maybe it's just MY house with the dirty floors) the acrylic is so much easier to toss into the washer. I HATE red heart and tossed the ends of the skeins I bought after I made one pair with it even though I could have easily gotten two adult pairs out of a $2 skein. There's a softer acrylic that walmart carries that is nicer to knit with. It's considered bulky weight but ends up knitting up like a heavy worsted. Just a thought in case they are for kids that will be rough on them like mine are.

I've knit nearly ten pair so far and will knit more for gifts.

My problem now is that we just put in laminate (fake wood) floors and they are SO slick. So I got puff paint and it doesn't help one little bit. It dries sort of shiney and is just as slick.

So, I have this idea for actually knitting into the sole something with a little rubber to it. But I don't know what. I'm thinking like.. rubber pants (the real ribber kind) cut and then every 8th row or so knit one into the sole right along with my stitches. Might just be silly but I'm desparate here. We can't even use suede (like robeeze) on these floors.. too slick.
I have an active four year old and an 8 month old that will be walking by this fall/winter when slippers will be so cozy. I really need something to keep them from being slippy. If you can think of something I can knit into the sole along with the yarn, please let me know and I'll give it a try.

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There is a product for using on the bottoms of socks/slippers to make them grip better.

It's called something like "Grip Ease".
We have almost all wood floors in our house and I've knit these for my 4 year old as well. He slipped around a little at first, but now he can wear them and run, jump and bounce all over the place and he never falls or slips. Maybe she needs time to adjust?
okay, this sounds nuts but it works. Have her put them on (with a pair of socks underneath) and then paint the bottom of the slippers LIGHTLY (!!) with some rubber cement. take them off careflly and lay them rubber cement side up to dry overnight. They'll dry to the size of her foot
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Oh cool! I'll give it a try.

I don't worry about the 4 year old so much.. she loves that they "skate" around (heck, I should put some terry on the bottom of hers and let her clean while she's at it).. but for a baby who is learning to walk, these floors are just flat out dangerous.

I was kind of surprised that the "puffy" paint by tulip wasn't puffy at all .. not at all like the puffy paint on the bottom of no skid socks.
Great idea T! Thank you! I was wondering the same thing for the pair I knit for my 7mo.

My 4yo doesn't have a problem either, he actually thinks slippers are named that because they should be slippery!
Look at the book Yarn to Dye for. There is a pattern for a slipper sock and they use PlastiDip for the bottom of the sock.
I'm having this problem too..I put puffy paint on the bottom of my kids' slippers and it's already come off. I'm going to try and find some of that Grip Ease..Anyone know where to find it?
I totally have to try the rubber cement now! Great idea T!
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