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I used to have masititis a few times a month for the first year of my son's life. He's two and a half now and for some time (maybe six months, not very sure) he's been making a face when nursing from my right breast, and wiping his tongue (as if the milk was yucky). I didn't think much of it and wondered if the milk was just tasting funny because of something I ate. Well, I just realized that there's a lump in there that's a little painful and I'm guessing it's leaking into the milk. Since I stopped having mastitis I haven't wanted to check my breasts (paranoia), but I think that lump has been there for quite some time. I was very sick a couple of weeks ago and my breast would hurt just by touching it (the lump is pretty deep in, close to the nipple--like where the ducts come together), so I checked my breast and found it. It still hurts, but less. It seems it hurts more if I touch and massage it.
Any ideas? Except for being a tumor, what else could it be? I have very little knowledge about breast health, so please help me out. I'm planning to get it looked at soon but first I want to be informed (since I don't trust doctors).
Also, can I seee a midwife for this or should I go to an MD?

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I had a lump in one of my breasts when I was nursing dd #2. For nursing moms, they tend to have the lump ultrasounded to see if it is fluid filled or solid. Mine turned out to be irregular - partially fluid & partially solid, so I had to have it biopsied
: . It turned out to be normal breast tissue for lactation. They basically said that it was a plugged milk duct that had some dried milk in it - hence the dark, non-fluid filled spot on the u/s. I hope that yours is easier.
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thank you for sharing that with me. Gives me ideas on what it may be besides the stuff I've come across in books. There's not much on lactating breast complications. Did yours hurt? Who did you see, midwife?

Mine actually did not hurt. I had expected it to hurt if it was a plugged milk duct, but I guess not in my case. I went to my regular dr., although my midwife would have seen me for it. If you feel more comfortable with your midwife, I'd go there. They should be able to refer you to what you need.
thank you.

bumping this up for any additional comments...
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