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One of the gals wrote in an old MDC post of how she accidently practiced Lunaception and became pregnant (along with diet, exercise, etc). I was intrigued and did some research, the simplest explanation was at If interested, I copied an excerpt for this post:

The lunaception theory was coined by Louise Lacey in her 1974 book called Lunaception. "The theory is primarily based upon personal testimonies of the author and anthropological studies of various ancient cultures that drew a link between menstruation and the moon...."

"Lacey posits that before electricity, most women experienced their menstrual cycles with the phases of the moon and at more or less the same time as all other women. The method uses light to control ovulation. In practice, all light should be blocked from coming into the bedroom at night. During the three fullest days of the moon (the day of the full moon and the days preceding and following), a small light should shine throughout the night in the room. This can be as simple as a small nightlight or desk light. After several months, the menstrual cycle should come into balance with the light. When attempting to conceive, intercourse is had on those three nights when the moon is fullest."

"Lunaception has also been linked with helping to increase the production of fertility-quality cervical mucus. Studies have shown that shortly after the night light is introduced during sleep, the natural production of this fertile-quality mucus is triggered and enhanced, bringing together the critical combination of timing of ovulation with coinciding of fertile mucus."

"Lunaception has also been linked with resolving abnormal cycle lengths (excessively short or long cycles), regulation of FSH levels, reduction of spotting, reduced incidence of miscarriage, and relief of premenopausal symptoms."

"In cases where most light cannot be eliminated from the sleeping quarters, a dark, well-fitting eye mask may be substituted, although it is debated whether the effectiveness is retained when the entire body is not immersed in total darkness."
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