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I have just recently heard of this technique - and although I am BF my DD2 right now - I am thinking about doing this once my AF's starting rearing their ugly heads again

Has anyone done this? My cycles have always been pretty irregular - and really no rhyme or reason to them, but I have always been scared to take supplements to regulate them thinking that I would get super fertile and get a BFP right away!

Any feedback would be appreciated!
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I looked into it at one time, because my cycles were so crazy that even regular FAM charting was impossible. I even wrote to the women who kind of "created" it and paid the like $12.50 or whatever it is for the materials. They don't print the book anymore, but she owns the copyright, or something, so she can scan and print it all for you, then send it to you.

Didn't end up using it, because needed something absolutely foolproof at that point (and no kiddos, so no worries about the Pill).

But good luck! From what I could tell, the testimonials were positive.
I did this subconsciously when I lived off the grid for a year. I noticed that my body's natural rythms started to match up with the lunar phases. It was really fascinating. I heard to practice this using artifical light, it requires keeping a light on for x mount of days, and eventually have no lights at all, (only a red light if absolutely needed for middle of the night bathroom trips), therefore you are simulating so many days with the full, half and quarter moon light and then the new moon (no light). I know you can read more about it in "your fertility signals" by winstein. That book is awesome.
Thanks for your input ladies

I thought it might work - because I have two older sisters - and anytime I moved in with one of them/or they moved back home, our cycles would start to match up even if they were completely not similar to begin with!

I know above story has nothing to do with the moon!
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it's true our cycles do amazing things! haha

Originally Posted by LoBleusMama View Post
it's true our cycles do amazing things! haha

I live in Alaska, the land of the always changing light, and Lunaception did wonders for regulating my cycles.
Before electricity, women had a much easier time with their cycles being regular. Following the moons phases naturally.
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