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Lunch Ideas

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This my thread from TAO:

Hey mamas, it's almost back to school time and I know my daughter is wanting some more variety besides PB&J. Lemme hear some of your packed lunch ideas, I need some help!


Here are the replies so far:

race kelly - My boys cheese and crackers. They also like sliced apples with yogurt to dip. We even do chicken drumsticks along with fruit or veggies.

mrsalf97 - Just about anything rolled in a tortilla.
pita and hummus
google "vegan lunchbox"
my ds loves yellow rice and lentils
wow, I can't think of anything. what do I feed this boy?

ilovemy2ds -
make sure the school allows peanutbutter, my ds school does not or anything related with PB, for allergies reasons. Here is my list of what Ds will take when he starts school
Tuna sanwiches or buns
Soup, stew, leftovers hot in a themos
apples slices
orange slices
fruit sticks
granola bars
dried fruit
milk or juice there is alot more but my brain just froze

sjkmaurice - I love Vegan Lunch Box and I don't even have school-age children.

velochic - You didn't mention if you have diet restrictions, so I'll tell you what we do. I try to put a main dish, a fruit, a dairy, and a veggie. I don't buy prepackaged stuff, so I spend a lot of time trying to think of things. Hope this helps you some. I'll be to get more ideas myself.

-PB & J
-Ham sammies
-Chicken salad sammies
-Egg salad sammies
(the previous 2 I use an insulated container because it contains mayo and I don't give this when the weather is warm)
-Heated and put in a thermos:
*Homemade chicken nuggets
*Annies mac & cheese, or homemade
*Chicken & rice casserole
*Stir fry and rice
*Homemade soups
*Other leftovers from the night before

-Carrots, Broccoli, cucumbers, peppers or other veggies and dip
-Cottage cheese
-Dried strawberries, bananas, apples, cranberries
-Sunflower seeds
-Fruit assortments
-Yogurt covered raisins
-hummus & pita
-cheese & crackers
-trail mix (without candies in it)
-banana nut bread or zucchini bread
-tortillas folded into a triangle with different things in each fold (like ham, cheese, cucumber, with a bit of butter spread on)
-taco kit (taco meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, salsa & tortilla chips in different small bowls that she can combine together when she eats)
-salad kit (same as above but with salad components)
-hard-boiled eggs

If I think of other things, I'll post again.

supakitty - Awesome ideas! I'm going to print all these out and post them on my fridge. I don't know why it's always so hard to come up with new ideas to keep lunch interesting.

leximom - pb and banana sammich!
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we have a fridge out in our garage (it's smallish - I got it at Lowes for $300)

and on one shelf we put dairy things (yogurts, puddings, cottage cheese, cheese sticks, etc)

on the next shelf we have fruit and veggies in snack size bags - and juice boxes, and applesauces

on the next shelf I throw leftovers from dinner (& breakfast!) in small bags or small tupperware containers

in the drawers I have cereal bars, pretzels, etc

I make the three boys (1st grade, 1 st grade & kindergarten) go out and pack their own lunches every night while I'm making dinner. they have to take one thing from each shelf
That is an awesome idea! Do they enjoy packing their own lunches?
they used to enjoy it more but I'll tell you what - they eat almost everything they pack. plus I don't have to do it
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Hi Mamas!

Anymore good lunch ideas?

That is an awsome idea. Letting them make their own healthy choices. WOW! We don't have an extra fridge, but they know about balancing food groups. This may work very well with the girls.
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