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Hey mamas, I havent posted because I have kinda felt in the balance between where i belong. My original due date was June 8th but my LMP and recent ultrasound date me at exactly May 28th. I just had an appointment with my MW and she said I am measuring right at the May 28th mark as well. SO Im feeling a lil more at home on the may board even though i've been lurking on both. I just wanted to say hi and tell ya'll how grate I think you all are. I am learning a WEALTH of information and even though I tend to navigate my way through my pregnancies through natural instinct and a holistic approach, I am learning alot more than I already knew. This is my third pregnancy and each time I am loving being pregnant more and Im hoping this isnt my last either. :LOL

I wanted to share with ya'll a book I have been reading which has been kinda interesting....Im sure some of ya'll have read it. Its called "Babycatcher" and has stories from a midwife based on her deliveries.

I am looking for some really crunchy books regarding PREGNANCY. I already have the baby book, the bradley books (my first two were born using the bradley method), and Ina May's Childbirth book, but im looking for suggestions on celebrating and cherishing the pregnancy experience in every way including spiritually. I saw a really good book at borders months ago, forgot the name and now I cant find it. It had little projects to do during pregnancy and ways to embrace your pregnant body. Im really wanting to find more books like that. Any suggestions?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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