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Yes. I frequent two other boards (though not as much since I've found MDC
) and it drives me insane.

My biggest peeve is when moms who CHOOSE to ff, get defensive when someone brings up the benefits of breastfeeding. Every once in a while a new mom will get on there and ask opinions to help her decide whether to bf or ff. When people start listing the benefits, the ff'ing moms will say, "well, my kids were on formula from day one and they're JUST FINE!" Then they tell the mama that she shouldn't listen to the bf'ing nazi's, blah, blah, blah and they are making bf'ing bigger deal than it is (how would they know if they never bf?).

If they are that defensive about breastfeeding, then they need to go yell at their formula can, because it's says right on it that breastmilk is the preferred food for babies.

I think people who act like that feel guilty.
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