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Luxe mailing list... How often do you get emails?

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I used to be on the Luxe mailing list when my oldest was still in diapers and she was still making serged, silk diapers. I unsubscribed once Lola was mostly potty learned but I remember getting emails often when I was on the list.

I resubscribed to the list once Astrid came around (I actually think I subscribed twice, once way back when and once recently) and I've received nothing aside from the email with instructions on how to activate my account (which I did). Are others getting notification of when she's stocking? Am I the only one who isn't? It'd be nice to know when there are diapers to be had even if it I don't get any.
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Ummm, never. I have wondered about this myself. I also subscribed once at least 6 months ago and never heard anything and then I re-subscribed a couple days ago and still nothing.
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Well, if she gives advance notice the web site crashes, if she emails after she's done they are already gone. She has set up a store at hyenacart
I'm sure that'll solve these issues for some.
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I emailed her a little while ago asking why I wasn't receiving emails when she stocks her store.... and she told me that she does not send out emails regarding stocking because then her website gets overloaded and the cart crashes... IIRC. HTH!
I know she always does surprise stockings but I was wondering if she ever sends out e-mails about new products, etc.
I havent got an email from her in a long time.
I've been on the list for months and never recieved an email

Seems luxe is so crazy popular that even when she stocks on the sly people snatch it up before she can even send an email.
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Well, I'm glad it's not just me. Perhaps I'll get all hyena and start stalking her site. That is, if my kids with let me. Probably not.
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