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How are his basic academic skills? Transitioning from Waldorf to mainstream ed may have left him with some gaps. What does his teacher say?

It must be awful to have to go somewhere and fail every day, and it sounds like he's very clear on what's going on and how he feels about it. I would thank him for telling you how he felt and try to find a solution, and reassure him that next time he can just talk to you, not cheat, and you'll help him find an honest way to succeed. If there's another educational placement where he could be more successful, I'd go with that. If not, perhaps some tutoring over the summer - a good tutor can make academic remediation, if not exactly fun, certainly tolerable. He should be assessed first, to find out for sure what his issues are - you can have the school do it formally, or the larger tutoring companies do it as part of their intake, or you may find someone in your community - to figure out why he's having thse problems...

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