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I am thinking about this new condition we found out DD has... It is, according to the pediatric surgeon who saw her, a congenital condition known as ranula. She has it under her tongue and he said she was born with it or it developed very soon after.

The Dr said that it is caused by an overactive lymph system. I can find very little online except they are very rare in infants and usually congenital for them as opposed to caused by trauma for children and adults.

I learned that my father had one removed when he was a toddler so I wonder if they run in the family in that sense...

The surgeon recommended, what else, surgery! but said we could wait several month until we are in the US again (we are currently living in Hungary.)

Until I can get her to a homeopath I am trying to think about what this could mean in a "whole system" sense... Her lymph system is overactive. We discovered it when she had an ear infection and bronchitis, so I think it might have become swollen enough for us to notice just since she's been sick. This is her first big illness (the bronch and ear infex) so I imagine her immune system is taxed...

Our family dr looked in her mouth just a few weeks ago and saw nothing... But now her tongue is raised on the left side because it is so big!

What can I do to support her lymph function? It seems like if it overactive, I may not want to do typical immune boosting things.

Does anyone have any experience regulating lymph function or anything like what we are going through? I will be seeing professionals but I am trying to get as educated as I can so I can really command her care, as necessary in this allopathic medical atmosphere.

Thanks for letting me get this all out!

Edit - I meant to post this in health and healing... Not sure how to move it. Sorry!
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