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m/c question

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: HI ladies,
I had a question about anyone who has been through a pregnancy loss. Have you had a ultrasound , and seen a heart beat or, do you think most of the time the Obs don't do ultrasounds until 20 weeks???
I send hugs and prayers for any couple who has been through this.
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i had an u/s at 5.5ish weeks and we saw a heartbeat and the baby measured right on target. i started bleeding 3 weeks later, had an u/s and found out my baby had died about a week before.

i heard the statistic recently that once you have seen a heartbeat you have only a 5% chance of miscarriage though.
saw heartbeat on 8wk u/s on a small office machine at the mw's office....they wanted a better u/s to date it so at 9wks another u/s with no heartbeat and went on to m/c naturally at 12 1/2 wks.

Seems like most obs don't do u/s until 20 weeks unless there is a history of problems or uncertainty about the due date. And I've also heard that seeing a heartbeat does mean that the chances of m/c are really small.
Hey there. Took a home Pt test, tested positive. 3 days later started cramping badly and bleeding. Went to the doc. They did a vaginal u/s was 5 weeks having a MC..

to jacob (12/02)
(3/06) and TTC #2
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When I had my m/c I was about 8 weeks along and I started bleeding. I had only knew I was pg about a week. I went to the doc and they did a ultrasound and couldn't find anything. They did blood work that showed I was 8 weeks. They believe a baby never formed. They did do a d&c and found no baby. But I was for sure pregnant from the blood work.
When I had m/c I had never had an u/s. I was 9 weeks 4 days when I started bleeding. They did do an u/s that day but the baby had already passed, so I didn't know when the baby stopped growing.
I had my 1st ultrasound at 8 weeks. Saw heartbeat, but baby size was only 4mm (6 weeks). Then had a missed mc and d&c at 11 weeks and was told growth stopped a few days after the 1st ultrasound.
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