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We originally were going to do a portfolio for our end of year assessment buy my organizational skill are horrendous and as soon as wee dropped out of K12 this past march my 8/DS revolted and wouldn't do the sit down work, so we just read and did everyday math, some science projects, and lots and lots of reading. So we did lots of "stuff" and now our school psychologist is calling looking for the portfolio, but I would rather do a written summary assessment of what we accomplished this year. My question is, how long should it be, I feel like I could write a book, but I'm thinking that like 3 pages should be enough- AND, I am concerned that it won't be acceptable, even though in MA I am pretty sure that most everything is policy and not law. So he is going to have to accept what I offer. Right? Ugh, this is our first complete year and I am a little freaked out about it. I now know, at the end of the year, everything that we we should do different next year! So how much do we have to put in and how long should it be?

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