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Made it a year....

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I am so proud of myself!!!! Oh, and my ds.....

Anyways, at his bday party this past weekend EVERYONE kept asking me dh and I when I was going to stop, and I answered "when ds is ready, etc" My DH said well "he isn't a cow yet, so whenever dh is finished being a human!"

I am so proud of my dh....too!!

Lurking and luvin' you all!!!
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Congratulations mom and baby! Oh and Happy Birthday too to your DS!
I'll have to use that line myself some day. Congrats on the 1 yr mark.

LOVE the line. I might have to borrow that one....

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WooHoo Congrats!!!
Yeah for you!!!!!!!!!!! My dd's first b-day is coming up so I may to use one of those lines
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What a great milestone!
When dd2 turned one, we had a small birthday party with two other families. When it was time for cake, she decided she wanted to nurse instead! Smart baby. My friend took a picture for me, so it is forever in the scrapbook now!!!
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we're coming up on a year, too! and to think, before dd was born, I had thought I'd breastfeed for 6 months, maybe a year tops... I alwas thought it would be so difficult the way other moms talk about it. Now I'm prepared to go another couple years
Love the line
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Very cool! Great job to all of you!


It irks me soooo bad that for some reason 12 months is that magical "wean age". Good for you for stickin' up for yourselves...and your DH too!
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