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made the yummiest recipe last night...

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And i completely made it up
i wanted to share!

Muir organics fire roasted tomatoes(2 small cans)
spicy pinto beans(2 cans, forget the brand name)
green garlic, a hndful-after you chop the green part off.
one yellow onion,chopped.
some chicken stock. enough to make a soup consistancy
chicken, shopped up.

So, I just sauteed the garlic,onions, in olive oil, then added chicken.When chicken is mostly cooked add canned beans and tomatoes, then add stock to cover. Simmer until it has a chili-like consistancy. During last 10 minutes add chard, shopped small. salt to taste.
I suppose if you had a bottle of beer, it may taste good in this too.

Slice fresh avacados on top, with some plain yogurt and shredded mild cheddar.

This recipe used up a bit of our CSA veggies and was super yummy for lunch today.
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Sounds yummy!

This might seem stupid, but what is chard? I'm new to this healthy eating thing and this is something we never ate when I was a kid.
I never did either
It's a leafy green.
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