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Magic Loop with Addi Turbos

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I used the 36" Addi Turbos to make a cord on a hat using Magic Loop and although the technique wasn't hard, I found that the cable was a little bit stiff. I can't imagine using a cable any smaller. Does anyone use the Addi Turbos? How do they compare to the OPtions set? Eventually I would like to get those but I am waiting until they have some smaller sizes as part of the interchangeable set. I read somewhere that might happen...
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wow, that's surprising! addis are so much more flexible than any of my others...i actually squeezed two socks onto my 24" and it worked okay.
I have the KP Options and really like them. I didn't buy the premade set, I made a set of my own. I figure I can always get the shorter cables when the add them. And honestly, if I need to purchase new needles to go with a shorter cable, I would really only need to do so for a few sizes.

Check out there are threads there about Addis and KP Options
I have a US 2 in Addis and a US 1 in the KnitPicks Classic Circs. I really thought my Addis were the be-all, end-all ML needle for me until the KP ones arrived. The cable on my KP seems much more flexible than the Addis. The needles and the join are about the same, and I don't feel the tips on the KPs are any sharper than the Addis. I don't normally ML on bigger size needles, so I can't compare the Options line and the larger Addis, but I really do like the KP needles better than Addis in the smaller diameters.
I am just trying out the new addi lace needles and I am really loving them for magic loop. The smallest they come is a size one (2.5mm) and the longest is 32" but the needles are pointer - much easier to do M1 increases, and the needle itself is grippier than the regular addis. I may switch to my regular 40" size 1's when I'm done the toe increases since my speed is a bit better. The cable is definintely as flexible as the standard addis.

I started using addi's because the joins on regular small needles (size 2 and smaller) drive me crazy. I'm really happy that they have this new lace needle because now I can do lace sock patterns - I changed to my cheap needles after trying to to a k2tog with the addi's - nearly impossible for me.
Ooooh! I didn't realize the Addi Lace needles were out yet, Jenn - thanks for the tip! I'll be looking for them!
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