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magnesium free multivitamin?

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I can't tolerate oral magnesium for some reason. The oil works great though
I think I would benefit from a good multivitamin, but they all seem to have magnesium (for good cause). Anyone know of one that doesn't?
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This doesn't really answer your question exactly but we prefer taking individual food based vitamins, like MegaFoods B complex, high vitamin cod liver oil, acerola vitamin C, SeleNext selenium according to our needs based on dietary content and symptoms of deficiencies.

I really think that chemical forms of vitamins are not well utilized by the body and many are just plain toxic (vitamin A palmitate for example).
I don't know of any multivits w/o magnesium. You may be stuck with separates--a good B-complex, well, various separates.

Have you tried supping calcium for a while first, before the magnesium? Apparently it helps some people, they're low in both. It'll be a pain to buy individual minerals, I'd be shocked if there's a mineral supp w/o magnesium out there.
I'll try the calcium for a while first to see if that helps, thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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