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Magnetix toy RECALL......

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Thank you!
Thanks, dp just bought ds 2 boxes of magnetix for christmas and I was worried about these little pieces.
Yep, I had a set of these I had bought for my nephew (9yrs) and Dd wanted to look at it. She's not mouthy even a little bit and likes to play with her Nephew's toys (she wants KNEX of her own). The only thing I can figure is that she had stuck one of the little magnet balls onto the magnet stick and couldn't get if off with her hands so she tried to pull it off in her mouth and it got stuck
: I am ssooooo glad that I was literally right next to her when it happened. I actually remembered CPR stuff from 15+ years ago, flipped her upside down, did a quick chin maeuver and out it popped before even beginning the heimlich, but this was SCARY! I am very unsruprised that they are being recalled.
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I'm so bummed! These are Andy's Fave toys and he JUST go them for his birthday. Keeps him entertained and playing creative for a long while. Off to find out how to replace them. *sigh*
That sucks... we have a couple of sets now... I will be calling the customer service number right now
1-800-779-7122 (its been busy for a while!)
we have a set no surprise its recalled those magnets were always falling out.
what is a suitable toy? I want my toy or a refund/
We have those; Joe is older so I am thinking he will be ok.

I will say, if you put two magnets on your tongue, they are HARD to get off & it hurts pretty bad. (I mean, that is what I have heard...)
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So the sets with just the rods and balls are okay? We have one of these, but it's been put up for awhile until ds2 is older.
I still havent gotten through. I will ask about the rod ones.... they are the ones that I have noticed the magnets falling out of.
I dont want a " suitable" toy either! I wonder if I should just save the sets until the kids are way older? Plus I am in Canada. The postage alone will be ridiculous. Will they be paying that too??!!!
Has anyone gotten through yet? I will let you know what happens when I do.
Has anyone gotten through? This is my son's favorite toy and before I traumatize him I want to know what the "suitable" toy is.

Originally Posted by oceanbaby
So the sets with just the rods and balls are okay? We have one of these, but it's been put up for awhile until ds2 is older.
I dunno... We have a couple sets that are the only rods and balls, but the tiny magnets have fallen out of a bunch of them. I tried to get rid of them before but my hubby thought we should glue the magnets back in.
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We have the Magz brand version of these and love them. They are small pieces (well I guess that is obvious) but nothing has fallen off of them, come apart etc.

The recall is because things are falling apart not because of inherent design correct?
Thank you SO much for posting this! I had no idea. I have a 7 yr old with TONS of Magnetix toys, & a 4 month old. For all we know, you just saved my 4month old's life!
My 5 year old swallowed one of the balls, and was worried that he was going to die. It took 2 days for me to "find" it, iykwim, and I was worried the whole time that it was going to get stuck.

Thanks for the link, I too am not surprised that this got recalled.
I just went to Target where we bought them and they said they'd just refund our credit card (debit card) when they get the recall notice. They still had them on the shelves and no notice yet. Considering we paid $40 for his set I really dont want to trade for one of the cheap replacements. We'll take the money and let him pick out another toy of his own that HE likes. But we had bought the toy only a month ago so they can still look up our info.
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