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Maintaining supply with a stomach flu - UPDATE

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My 15 mo dd was sick with a stomach flu yesterday and was throwing up most of the day. She is feeling better today but I got her bug and have been so nauseated since the middle of the night (i haven't thrown up, just nauseated and exhausted).

All I've had to eat today is water, ginger tea, apple juice, and saltines.

My dd won't eat much but wants to nurse constantly. She nurses for a while and then bites, I think she's frustrated she's not getting enough.

I'm trying to hard to drink lots of fluids to keep up my supply but the thought of eating anything makes me feel sick.

Are there other things I can do to keep up my supply until this bug passes?
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UPDATE: so I've been feeling better since tuesday but dd has been biting like crazy since Monday!

I'm not sure if my supply is back to normal - how can I know if it is?

Could the biting have anything to do with the stomach flu? She bites at least once every.single.time she nurses and more than 10 times a day. it's seriously driving me crazy.
If she is biting in combination with tugging at the breast I would guess that she is trying to stimulate a let down. You could try breast compressions to help. I would guess your supply is not quite at normal level yet with that behavior from her. Keep eating and drinking, resting.
If you like gatorade that helps some moms. Your supply might already be back up to par by now, but It usually only takes me a couple days after feeling better before my supply returns.

Hopefully things are getting better for you guys.
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