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I get migraines, but, luckily, never had one during pg with DS (and none so far this pg.)

Migraines are not just "bad headaches", but specifically involve single sided pain, nausea, sensitivity to light, and sometimes weird "auras" (like heat waves for me) in your vision. My MW told me there are medications that can be prescribed if a migraine occurs during pg, but not during the first trimester. Talk to your provider if you think you have migraines. Usually, you need to keep a headache log for a while to get an accurate diagnosis for migraine. Frequently, CAT scans, etc. are done to rule out other brain problems during a serious headache workup.

I get my special "pregnancy headaches" that are different from my usual headaches. They feel like my head is inflated with pressure and are not single-sided like migraine.

Neck/shoulder tension triggers my headaches (in combination with hormones, hunger, dehydration, fatigue, food and chemical sensitivities.)

Even migraine can be prevented by acupuncture or massage or sometimes chiropractic manipulation if you can get to a provider early enough in the progression.

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