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in non-pregnant life i get a migraine every month or so.. but since being pregnar i haven't had them as often. that said, i did have ONE a few weeks ago that lasted 6 days and made me want to die. there was nothing i could take (tylenol has zero effect on migraines for me) or do for relief and it was totally horrible. it feels unfair to go to bed with your head splitting and then wake up and it hasn't gone away.

can't say if the hormones had any effect on the duration of it though, as i have occasionally had migraines last that long previously.

all i could do for it was lie in a cool dark room and try not to move.

usually tiger balm applied to the back of my neck helps a lot but it let me down this time. my headaches seem to start with tension in my neck so that is why it usually helps.. maybe it would help with your headaches?

anyway sorry i have no big answers for you.. hope your head feels better soon..
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