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Major nighttime problems-Please help

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My dd is 2.5 and bed time is a compleate nightmare. She has slept in a crib since she was born ( we didnt know anything about co-sleeping and she would NOT lay next to me to nurse). Before Christmas she decided she wanted a big girl bed and slept in a twin for about a month. She then wanted back to the crib so she went. Now she doesnt want to sleep anywhere!!
She says the crib hurts her, she wont stay in the toddler bed, the twin scares her, she wont sleep with us, and she wont stay on the couch. It doesnt matter if we read to her before hand, sing to her, lay with her, ignore her (dont flame I know this is wrong, she isnt crying btw but talking to herself singing ect..) NOTHING works. It took over 2 hours for her to go to bed tonight.

She is miserable everynight and is becoming more and more difficult to deal with during the day. I dont know what to do, she is so upset, we are upset and nothing we do makes it better...usually makes it worse.

What can I do to get her to sleep? I dont really care where it is at this point just so long as she gets her much needed sleep. ANYTHING you have I will try. I should mention she doesnt nurse anymore so I cant give comfort that way.

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Why is she scared of the twin? Is it high up? I can understand the crib hurting if it is too small. Can the twin be put on the floor for her and use side guards to make it feel more secure?
What about setting up a sleeping bag on the floor? Make it like camping. It would be very easy to transfer the sleeping bag to a bed once she was comfortable with it again.
I'm with the "making it really fun" idea! Try a mini tent or teepee and tell her it's her special place for sleep. Give her a flashlight to play with while she's in it. I've seen lots of books for kids on bedtime...maybe something in those would help ease her. Maybe even some very special toys/rituals/treats that are for bedtime ONLY.

I do find that if my son hasn't had enough physical excersise during the day, he has a much harder getting settled at night. Maybe try lots of physical activity during the day to absolutely wear her out. If she's still napping, maybe limit her time. Sorry to ramble.......lots of ideas coming all at once LOLOL!

Hope something here helps
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I don't have any advice but wanted to give you a
. That sounds really stressful for you and DD! Some of the pp advice sounds good!
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Is her room decorated? I have heard (though no experience with it) that if you let them pick out some of their own room decor, it helps with the "scariness" -- perhaps if you let her choose a nice set of sheets, or some new special animal/safe toy to stay in bed with her, that would help?

Like I said, I have no experience with this - it's just what I've read other places and seems to make sense.

Good luck! I hope it gets better soon!
Thanks for the responses. We have tried the tent idea, actually it was her idea. She says she wants a crib tent. lol cute. Anyway the twin was on the floor and the toddler bed is only about 6 inches about, and the crib she has a ton of room. The scary and hurt things really make me wonder what is going on. I dont get it.

I think i will try the sleeping bag in our room, that may be special enough for her, also will try having her pick out her room decor. I hope something will help.

I think a big part of this is I feel so guilty cause ds sleeps with us (in a playpen next to me until he wakes up then in our bed) and she sees/knows this. I feel like I have jipped her in some way since she never co-slept. I think that she feels bad every night because she is in her room all alone. I dont know....

Thanks again I will try your ideas.
Hugs to you. I know how difficult night time can be sometimes.

The only thing I can think of may help w/ other *problems* as they arise but depends on how mature and verbal your child is. In the book, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk, they have a problem solving chapter and say you can use it w/ children as young as yours. Perhaps using it or some other problem solving technique can help you figure out what is going on and help you to work w/ your child to find a solution.

Best of luck,
hm...i assume that DS is younger...and i think you could be right about her seeing the situation with DS and wondering how she can make her own sleeping situation warm and fuzzy like that. becuase of that, i think that finding a way for her to sleep in the room with you might be good while she figures out how she feels about your DS's arrangements. the sleeping bag sounds like a good idea!
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