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Major Problems w/ Newborn Diapering

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I am at my wits's end. I had a very difficult labor and rapidly accruing bfing problems. We ended up starting with disposables b/c the dipes I have are just too wide in the crotch, even if I fold them into fourths. Katherine weighs somewhere upwards of 7lb, 3 oz now, and is pretty lean (no chuuby thighs, etc). What should I do? I tried a thinner dipes, but it got soaked so quickly. The thicker dipe left marks on her little legs. Are we doomed to use sposies until she's bigger?

Forgot to say that the dipes I'm using are 11x15 premium ubcpfs.
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Are you using prefolds? On the other threads earlier... you do end up changing a newborn nearly every hour when you're using cloth! Try adding a fleece topped doubler or just a fleece liner to the thinner diapers so that even though she is wet- she doesnt feel too wet. I'd also like to admit that overnights I used sposies with my son. This way I could change every three hours *sigh*

Its those chicken little legs that always make for a honking huge fit

((hugs)) I'm sorry for the rough labor! Have you got the bf problems worked out? Everything seems so much worse when you are so tired.
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I had the same problems when my son was new (6 lbs 10 oz). I did use sposies for 2 months until I finally found diapers that worked (I had had kushies and misc ebay dipe stash in the beginning that did not work). He gained weight really really quickly so by the time he was 2 months he was a BIG boy and most diapers fit him alot better. Next baby I am gonna get some kissaluvs size 0's. Maybe those will work for you?

Also congrats on your new baby!

Is bf'ing going better for you? It was hard for me in the beginning too, we had latch issues. Maybe we can help you out if you post the problem?
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I second the Kissaluv Size 0 suggestion.
Premium CPFs are way too big. I use them on my 30 lb toddler. You need to get some preemie or infant size, if you want to use CPFs.

But I also think fitteds would really help you. I third the Kissaluvs size 0 recommendation!

Congrats and best wishes!

you definately need newborn/infant prefolds. what covers are u using that leave red marks? proraps left awful redmarks on my baby. i too felt the prefolds where to big in the beggining. try folding them into 3rds and doing the bikini twist. this makes is much trimmer between the legsl.

good luck w/ bfing. if you are haivng trouble contact la leche league or an IBCLC.
I also recommend getting some infant cpf's and Kissaluvs 0. I used those for my baby when he was a newborn, and we never had a leak. DS had really sensitive skin, so my favorite covers are Bummis whisper pants. If you order them, I would recommend getting them in the newborn size because the leg holes on the smalls are too huge for newborn legs. Anyway, these were the only covers that didn't ;eave red marks on ds' skin.
Thank you all for your suggestions. I'll be looking into them for sure. We had weight check today and Katherine is up 9 oz from her birth weight at only 10 days! Our latch problems must not have affected her too much.
I'm still hurting when she nurses, and I know the latch is correct (we've seen the LC several times). It's my opinion that her high palate might be causing some problems.

I'll let you know what happens with all of the suggestions. I hate those damn plastic diapers!
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Kissaluvs sz 0 all the way!

I'm currently bf'ingmy 4th son and I had pain for the first 10-15 days...never had it with previous kids. Hang in there it will get easier.
just wanted to keep encouraging you. cd-ing my newborn didn't work too well since i bought things that didn't fit right. if i could do it over again, it would be kissaluv's 0 and infant prefolds with tons of fleece liners. and yes, they do need to be changed a TON but it does slow down.

as far as the breastfeeding goes, my ds has a high palate and my nipples were cracked and sore (and a couple of infections) for the first 3 weeks at least even though his latch was correct. that shape of mouth really takes some getting used to but it will definitely start getting easier.

btw, we too use sposies at night still with our 3 month old...she'd leak out of everything else and with her still waking up every 2 hours, i'm so sleep deprived that changing in the dark is too much for me.

best of luck!
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I also had trouble with the cloth diapers in the beginning. At first she was too short waisted for them, so we ended up using sposies for the first month! Now at 6 weeks, I am happy to say that she is cloth diapered except for going out and that is only until we use up what we had left over and then she is 100%! I also had trouble with nursing initially, still having some pain 6 weeks pp, but it's alot better than it was! I am in love with my tube of Lasinoh!

:bf and CDing Momma to Kailia, 8/29/03
I also meant to say that we use small CPFs with the Bummis Wrap.

BFing :bf and CDing Momma to Kailia, 8/29/03
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