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Make Do - Need frugal/green ideas for Museum event

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Hi mama's. I work in a museum in a region that is very hard hit by the slow economy (we're talking unemployment in the double digits). We are currently organizing an event called "Make Do". It's supposed to demonstrate how people (past and present) have been able to make it through troubling economic times. The goal is to be uplifting and show people some real strategies for frugal living through traditional handicrafts, conservation, & recycling. I immediately thought of all the great things that I've learned from mamas here at MDC. I would be very grateful for ideas that we can use with children and adults for this program.

Here are some of the things that are currently planned:

Costumed interpreters will be talking about making do during different times in history (for example, the French Voyageur will talk about how the French used local natural resources, the British soldier will talk about what it was like to live at one of the UP forts, the 1950s housewife will talk about cooking and canning in the 1950s, someone in the 1940s gallery will talk about recycling in the war era, etc.

Also, I want to have a variety of crafts people demonstrating crafts to get folks interested in doing them at home as well as having individuals show how to make money-saving items at home or to show green-crafts or green household ideas. I will have many of the traditional crafts represented: Weaving, x-stitch, rug-hooking, braided rag rugs, penny rugs, needle-punch embroidery, red-work, quilting, etc. It would be great to have some men involved doing wood carving, etc.-quilting demonstrations.

Other ideas I have:

-recipes for home cleaners
-recipes, demonstrations, and samples of homemade soap
-handout with information on energy conservation and reducing utility bills

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gardening, both in ground and container

animal raising, possibly chickens for their eggs even if you are in a city and have no farm animals. policies can get changed. might want to check out the thread in living off the grid section, country living in the city to gt other ideas, they had a discussion recently on some cities allowing poultry
* demo of re-working old clothing into new (Ie sweater into toddler longies)
* quilts from old clothing
* making kids toys or slippers from old clothing (felted sweaters)
* paper making
* caulk gun demo
* compact fluorescent light bulb demo

If you are interested in the history of recycling, look up the info on Egyptian mummy wrappings being shipped to Europe to make paper (early 19th century before they figured out the wood pulp process.)

You can get many ideas if you go to etsy and search for "upcycled"
Thanks for the ideas ladies.

Anyone else have some suggestions?
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