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Make EO?

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Hey Mama's!

This may not be the place to ask so move if need be

Okay dose anyone know how to make EO's out of their own herbs I have lavander and want to make EO out of it thanks!

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Essential oils are made by several hundreds of pounds of the herbs that are distilled through a special process.

For example:
"On average it takes about 440 pounds of fresh lavender flowers to produce 2 1/2 pounds of lavender essential oil.(2) A single drop of essential oil can be equal to one ounce of the plant. A better example is that an acre of Lavender in its prime would in a favorable year yield from 15 to 20 lb. of oil with about 12 lbs. being average."

What you can do with your herbs is make herbal vinegars, which are beneficial. Just wash herbs and place in a airtight non-metal container with apple cider vinegar. Let steep for weeks and then strain out.

You can boil the herbs and make like an infusion, but it's not really essential oils at that point, just almost a tea. Essential oils have a steaming, purification process, and oil gathering process too that I'm sure is very difficult to duplicate at home.

Oil infused olive oils are beneficial for health and for cooking.
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