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Making an impression. :)

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I am working a job with many teens.

Some how the guys got joking and making rude comments about the male anatomy. Ignorance was in full showing; someone said something about guys with skin over the top of their penis. I chimed in.

I said that person is normal and has not had his penis circ'ed. He was lucky. Well to make a long story short I answered many questions, got laughed at and teased for knowing so much.

But at least two of the boys went home and looked it up on the net. They downloaded a video on it. They were horrified!!!!
I doubt these boys will circ their kids after that.
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I really think it's going to be the biggest help by educating the young peole, who haven't even gotten married yet- kids who WILL look it up online and learn the truth. I have three nieces (18, 21, 23) who I really need to get working on, I brought it up once and they laughed at me. Need to try again soon.

Well done, Marsupialmom, for having the courage to step in and educate these young minds. Years ago I heard a guy made a sarcastic remark about nurses handing out anti-circ pamphlets - his friend's wife had recently given birth - and I said nothing. I felt absolutely ashamed for my silence, and angry at myself for allowing a perfect opportunity to pass by.

You should feel very proud of yourself !!
Good for you! I am so glad some of the boys took the time to look up more information.If it comes up again,or if you don't mind bringing it up, you can mention how some boys are taking legal action for loosing such important part of their sexuality.Plus mention restoration.Just point out that while restoration helps it can never bring back much of what circumcision butchers away. I bet they don't know what those amputated parts are used for either(skin/cosmetics)!
All of this *further* info though might cause issue with the parents.TG for the internet

I can't wait till my printer is working so I can print some of those cards from that whack-a-mohel/whack-a-quack site to leave out for teens.I talk to my dd about it often.I can't wait till my son is old enough!
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Hmmmmm I've got a teenage nephew and niece whose mother is from a jewish family.
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