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Making Candy?

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X-posted in TAO (Because this has nothing to do with nutrition...)

Has anyone ever made homemade cream-filled candies? Like the ones you buy in the boxes, Russel Stovers or whatever they're called? I found a few recipes and I've tried two batches of cream and I'm looking for tips.

I can't believe those candies sell for sometimes up to $12/lb! Seriously, it's just sugar and chocolate...

While we're on the topic, have you made any other kinds of candies? This year I'm going to try to make glass candy, peanut brittles, caramal clusters, all that good stuff. I love our house because it stays nice and cool in the mornings and I can dip chocolates without worrying about them striping.
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I used to make filled chocolates all the time. They make great gifts, people are astounded that you can make them at home... but you're right, it's not a big deal.

Most of the time what we used was the sugar filling, I'm not remembering what it's called but I could look it up if you need me to. But it's basically a super-fine sugar the consistency of cornstarch, and you add a Tbs of liquid to half a cup or so and wind up with a gooey/creamy filling. Couple of our favorites were Peach Schnapps and Coconut Rum with a little bit of dessicated coconut stirred in.

As for tips... if you're using that type of filling, start with the powder and add liquid. Do NOT start with liquid and add powder. It's way too easy to get too much liquid and then you waste half a bag of the powder and wind up with 200 of the same flavored candy.

Unless you have multiple molds, decorate your candies in some way... drizzle colored chocolate inside the mold before pouring, paint patterns with it, etc. And keep track of what flavor has what decoration. Because trust me, people will ask.

And if you're doing a marathon chocolate making session, make sure you having something cushy to stand on... my back was killing me for a week after spending 6 hours making 20 pounds of chocolates on a linoleum floor.
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